Saturday, 5 November 2011

Fireworks, drops and weird customers

So today is Bonfire night!!! I hope you've all had a safe evening and seen some amazing displays. I didn't go to any this year, for the first year since forever as I finished work too late to catch any. So my mum bought some sparklers and toffee apples home! We saw a few fireworks go off at the back of our house which was nice.

Work was ok, did a nice 2-6 shift today. As it was Saturday it was quite busy up until about 5.30pm. It was crazy at 2!! People love to shop! I had a few weird customers today. Weird as in asking me funny things and stuff. I had a man who wanted to exchange a blouse and they'd cut the price off of the kimble! That's a tad weird. And some men were complaining to a colleague about how they can't go into the ladies fitting rooms. It's on the ladies floor, your floor is upstairs! Get changed up there, pervs!!

My ears are still blocked. Mum did look at them this morning and she says they're getting better! Thank god! I can't feel a difference but I'm hoping it goes by the time Children In Need comes along. I am singing with Matthew. God knows why I said yes! I never sing infront of audiences! I get SOOO nervous!

Above is a picture of me eating my first toffee apple since having my brace. Obviously having a brace meant I couldn't eat a full apple properly, I had to have it chopped up into pieces. Now I've got no brace, I can eat an apple properly now!!! Happy times!

I hope you've had a lovely evening and all stayed safe!