Sunday, 12 April 2015

Chi and Me

I'm back and as promised, I bring you something extra special. This brand started in 2004 when the founder was drinking coconut water whilst honeymooning in the beautiful island of Phi Phi (oo-err!). After drinking coconut water for most of his time there, he instantly recognised a difference in his health and well-being. 'I felt energised, revived and hydrated.' Fast forward a handful of years and here we are today, CHI is now sold in many of the major supermarkets (Waitrose, Tesco, Whole Foods, Harrods to name a few) and the brand is ever growing and expanding. 
The range includes:

Pure Coconut Water
Coconut Water and Mango
Coconut Water and Tropical Fruits
Coconut Water and Pineapple
Coconut Milk
Coconut Milk Espresso
Chocolate Coconut Milk
Virgin Coconut Oil
for more product information and to buy - click here

Might I add, all of their products are 100% pure, include natural hydrators, never heated, never from concentrate, no added sugar, no preservatives and 100% good for you!

I was privileged enough to try out a selection of the range including the coconut oil, something that I have never used or cooked with before. With a little of Dad's help, we created a recipe using the coconut oil will be posted soon!

Coconut water is definitely the way forward. It doesn't just taste great but it does great too. Drink it regularly and you'll notice the difference!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

BBC Good Food Eat Well Show 2015

On Saturday the 28th of February, myself and the Father ventured our way into Central London to experience what the BBC Good Food Eat Well Show had to offer.

As you may or may not know, BBC Good Food have a number of shows and events throughout the year and big names include Tom Kerridge, Mary Berry, James Martin and plenty more. The Eat Well Show is the first of its kind and opened it doors from Friday 27th February - Sunday 1st March 2015 and took place at London Olympia.

Because there were so many different elements to the show, I am splitting up the posts into a number of them. Some featuring on a company, others featuring on recipes etc so keep an eye out!

This post is all about the show itself and what went on when the ribbon was cut to mark the start of a new day at London Olympia.

(picture heavy)

The smells and delights just hit you like a storm. A mixture of fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, ice cream and many more delicious goodies just filled the air. Walking around the various stalls was like being in a sweet shop. So many different things to taste, try and smell. It was amazing.

Stay tuned for more posts about healthiness, fitness and all things...well healthy!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Turn Your House Into A Home

Hello all!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. I am back with a different type of post. 

I am currently home alone in a beautiful house. If you didn't know, I am renting a room with a family in Sussex and the house is beautifully decorated throughout. The lounge is mainly greys with a flush of gold, the kitchen is grey with cream and my bedroom is also cream. It has inspired me to get some ideas for when I have a place of my own.

My name is Sian and I am addicted to fairy lights. My dealer, Lights4fun. I just can't get enough. Various different lights give a room a sense of temperature, comfort and just adds a touch of your style.

LED lights aren't just safe for your home, they are safe for the environment. LEDs won't get warm so if you forget to turn them off at night, there's no need to panic. Even the plain and simple fairy lights can be turned into something extra special. 

Take these 20 LED Warm White Battery Operated Fairy Lights for example. You can put these into a small unused vase, wrap them around a wreath at Christmas or place them around a mirror. 

If you want something a little more glamourous, these Mini Maroq Battery Fairy Lights will do the trick. These are beautiful on their own or along your mantel piece and what's good is that they look like they're super expensive. They're only £2.99!

If you aren't keen on using real candles, LED candles will be your best friend. You can keep them on for hours on end and not have to watch your money burn away. I own a set of 3 Dripping Wax Battery LED Candles with False Wick and I couldn't be happier. They come in 3 different sizes and are like real candles, just without the burning wax!

These are some of my favourites and all can be used so easily within your home.

You can buy these all from Lights4fun. They are a fantastic company with the very  best customer service. 

Let me know how you dress and accessorise your house to make it into a home!