Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Greggs, George of Asda and many more places, £2.50 a pair.

Sorry for the distant posts, been quite busy. Been at work today 12 - 4. I had to go to the doctors again for 8.30am so up at 6.15am! Chore! My ears aren't soft enough to be washed out so hopefully by Friday they will be. After that I had about 2 hours to kill before work so I went to buy some Pudsey ears for Children in Need evening at my local village hall on Friday so I had to get some for me, my sister, mum, dad and 2 of my sisters friends. Cost me £15! I am getting paid back though! I then went shopping for an outfit. Went into Zara and found this top that one of my friends from work had recently bought. (http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/uk/en/zara-W2011/119532/540514/T-SHIRT%2BWITH%2BZIP)
I then went into Bank and other places and found these lush shoes (above) and they were a-maz-ing. I didn't buy them though. I like to look at pretty shoes! After at around 11am I went back into H&M and I then remembered that I needed some jeggings and found some for £12.99 (I couldn't find them online but here is some http://www.hm.com/gb/subdepartment/LADIES?Nr=4294962024#Nr=4294958552). Also a long strappy top (http://www.hm.com/gb/product/93140?article=93140-D#article=93140-A).
Then work!

Fun life.

A few christmas presents came through the post for my mum and I bought the Social Network on DVD from Amazon (£4.99) so Matthew and I are going to start it tonight. Always wanted to see it. Has anyone seen it? Is it good?

Have a good evening


  1. how beautiful are those Bank shoes?! AAAH! I want them! xx

  2. Those shoes are gorgeous, shame i wouldn't have a chance of walking in them :/ lol. The pudsey ears are cute too! I enjoyed the social nework, it's really funny :) xoxo


  3. I know! Lush and only about £35! They are mega cute! Looking forward to getting my £15 back too! We started to watch it last night but with my blocked ears I could hardly hear what everyone was saying :(


  4. Oooh, are these the shoes you tweeted me about Sian?? They are so similar to the Topshop pair and like half the price!!

    ~ Lauren <3

  5. Yeah they are Lauren! LUUUUUSH! :)



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