Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I'm a gamer!

I'm a fan of Xbox 360 ever since I started dating Matthew. He owns one and he is a big fan of 'shoot em up' games such as Halo and Call of Duty. I in particular prefer and LOVE Call of Duty. It's more realistic and I personally think it's a better game.
So when this long awaited Modern Warfare 3 came out yesterday, both Matthew and I were eager to get it through the post and play it! If you've read my previous post you will learn the stress we went through yesterday!
So yeah, today was the day I actually managed to play it properly. We tried out the Survival Mode (a bit like Zombies in Black Ops but with real people). It's basically you (up to 4 players) battling waves of enemies whether it's aircraft, stealth bombers or the world famous Juggernauts. You just keep on playing until you die. You unlock equipment, perks, killstreaks and guns along the way. You can choose any map, any weapon any time. The graphics throughout the whole game is just incredible. I reckon it's better than Black Ops. Inifity Ward have added so many new features to make this gaming experience even more incredible. New weapons, perks, the lot!

I play the multiplayer option a lot, just because. I love the multiplayer. In MW2 you could only play single player but in Black Ops and now MW3, you can play with up to 4 people in multiplayer which makes it so much more exciting! You can customise everything about you and your player including the weapons and what type of killstreak package you have.
Matthew goes through the campaign first. I've seen him play a bit of the MW3 campaign and OMG. You go through all of the main cities throughout the world and see some famous landmarks such as London, Paris, New York and Germany. Such amazing storylines and objectives. I tried the turbulence one where you have to make sure the president is safe and secure while shooting off enemies on the plane. Then all of a sudden you hit turbulence and everything goes in slow motion and you tumble around the plane. Sharp, clear and precise. It is made to make your gaming experience even more like real life by not just having enemies from in front but all around you. Just breath taking. It brings gaming to a whole new level! If that mission is the first I've done, I'd like to see the rest!

We haven't seen all the features and types of game play yet but I'm hoping Theatre Mode is back. Special Ops was good in MW2 but even better in MW3! Sometimes multiplayer can get a bit boring so it's always good to be kept on the edge of your seat with the campaign, survival mode and special ops. I sometimes personally prefer these features to the multiplayer but it is really good to see what other Call of Duty fans do with their weapons and stuff.

The only thing I would comment on is how unrealistic it has become to shoot down any aircraft in MW3, with a gun. It is ridiculous. I could shoot it down in about 10 - 15 bullets, something that wouldn't happen in real life. Although as a 'recruit' like me, it's fine!

Overall, this game is so worth the money. We only paid £35 for it as Asda was the cheapest at the time at £39.81 and I then got 10% off at Hot Deals. Bargain! I can't keep raving about it enough. If you're huming and ahhhhring about it, GO AND GET IT!!!! You won't regret it!
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  1. I love playing this with my boyf too!! He got me an Xbox for this years Valentines day haha!! xx

  2. I love this post!! I bought my boyf an xbox for christmas last year which quickly turned into mine :) Call of duty online being the only reason for the xbox!! Saints row 1+2 are also good games with the third released last week xx


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