Friday, 11 November 2011

Music, guitars and leads!

After work yesterday, I had to rush off to City College Norwich for Matthews first music evening since he started college in September. I managed to find his dad and wiped off my sweat!
He was amazing, I haven't seen him play in a band in such a long while as he's done a lot of solo acoustic stuff (which I love).
Here's a link to a few pictures I took (more on my BlackBerry) and a video. Obviously being an iPod, the audio isn't that good but it's better than my BlackBerry!

This morning I rang up my doctors surgery to book an appointment to finally get my ears syringed. But apparently, BOTH surgeries are fully booked up until Friday. On Friday I am singing with Matthew for the Children in Need evening at our local village hall (we live in the same village). I can't even hear myself talk let alone sing AND hear his guitar. So I'm quite upset. I'm pretty sick of these ears now...I'm now on my 2nd bottle of oil.

Anyway, I have work 2-6 and then I help out at my local Explorer Scout group.

I hope you all have a good Friday!

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