Tuesday, 29 November 2011

So much to tell, so little time!

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a few days! I've got SO much to tell you and show you!

Sunday, I went Christmas shopping with Matthew and spent around £50. I can't tell you what I bought for obvious reasons but I'm happy with them! I just  need a few more little bits and bobs and then I'll be done. We then went to have a little to eat and went to see the new Twilight film, Breaking Dawn part 1. Both of us are fans of the Twilight films and we've always been to see each film. It was a really good day.

Here's a few pictures from the past couple of days.
funny mark on the mayo chicken!

Christmas decorations in one of the local malls!

Thought this was a lovely picture of Mark on I'm A Celeb!

Boots is feeling festive!

MW3, that's a bloke hanging dead...

Pot noodle on the bus to work!

New shoes cutting my heels to death!

Christmas dinner pot noodle! 
New Hollister top, £20.

So, Christmas is around the corner! And OMG, I love that shops are playing Christmas songs and getting all festive. I've definitely got the Christmas bug! Today, dad and I went to Longwater Retail Park to go to Argos, Staples and The Range. I did pick up some new Christmas lights! One set is 20 light blue flashing bulbs just under a metre long, £2.99. They are sat around my chest of drawers (not really drawers anymore as they broke...) and I think they look perfect there! 

SOO many products!

With bedroom lights on.
With bedroom lights off and candles.

I also picked up a pack of 100 multi coloured bulbs. These are about 4 metres long. I decided to put these up along my window. I think it's a bit harsh at the moment so I'm thinking of adding some tinsel. These were £4.99. Both from The Range. Love these. These ones are static. As these are my main lights, I didn't want them to be flashing the life out of me. I did have a tree last year but that was when my chest of drawers were fine. 2 of the drawers are underneath my window full of rubbish which is where my tree was sat last year. Annoying but I can't afford to get a new chest...

All of my window.
Close up.

Below are a few pictures of this evening. These below are pictures of my dance schools entrance. I love the way they do their decorations so I thought I would take pictures for you!

Matthew enjoying his cheese and bacon on toast made by me!

Matthew doing his best impression of the Hugo Boss advert!

He is dressed like this as he was grading some of his kids from the classes he teaches at tae kwon-do. 

Talking about Matthew, he has a few things he wanted me to tell you. He is a musician if you didn't know already. He does acoustic, solo and he has a newly formed band since being at college called Rampant Horse. He has had some trouble finding a band that all like the same things and are as dedicated as him about music and getting somewhere. He is so happy with this band and to be honest, I think they sound amazing.
He has a YouTube channel I'd love you to check out http://www.youtube.com/user/mattharlowguitar. Every gig he does, he puts up on this channel so if you like what you see, SUBSCRIBE! Gigs range from festivals, parties and showcases. Definitely a look!
Also, follow his Twitter @mattyharlow for all his gigs, college and day to day updates. A definite follow!

Thank you so much! I love you all!

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