Sunday, 4 December 2011


Hello lovelies. 

So I quite like doing a long post for you all. I think I'll do that over the weekend. 

I've been working a lot of late nights as H&M is in a mall which is open now until 8pm and 10pm on a Thursday! Crazy! Bloody shoppers! It was really empty and quiet on Friday from about 6 which was weird. Work got quite boring as everywhere was tidy and there was no rail.

Errr, what have I been doing over the past few days. Work is good. Overall, I have been getting into the Christmas spirit! Mum and I went shopping on Friday before work. She needed something to wear for her meal and theatre trip to see Grease! She's very picky and doesn't like shopping. She managed to find a few things and looked so beautiful. We then went to Pizza Hut and had one of those all you can eat buffets. I was SO hungry as I didn't have any breakfast. I piled my plate soo high! I'm a fatty! It was a lovely day as I hardly ever spend time with my mum, especially shopping. She got more shopping done after I left for work. I did buy one thing...NAUGHTY :( My very first Yankee Candle purchase! This one I got from a Yankee Candle store in Chapelfield, Norwich. I bought the Warm Spice scent as I love the cinammon and spices flavour. This had 25% off and came to £13. I honestly could spend hours in there smelling all the different candles. I really love how they actually smell like what they are. Sometimes cheaper candles don't smell like what they're supposed to. I am a self obsessed candle lover. They just make a room look and smell lovely! I also picked up the Christmas Cookie candle from House of Fraser. In there they have 25% off Christmas Cookie and Christmas Eve candles throughout December! This came to £11.99 :) If you have a sweet tooth or love sweet scents then Christmas Cookie is for you! If you love the traditional Christmas spices then definitely get the Warm Spice. I love both and together they do smell quite nice!

Double wick large tumbler, WARM SPICE.


Here is a few pictures from the past couple of days...

Barry M gold foil with the Barry M pink iridescent. 

Christmas nails!

Sister in her Nutcracker costume!

Christmas at work!

Trying out my latest app, Instagr




With my sister :)

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and Happy December! What advent calendars have you all got? I've got a Peppa Pig one :) 
Also, don't forget to check out some of the awesome giveaways some of the ladies are doing for Christmas! Links are on the left of the page! Get entering! You don't want to miss out on these!


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  1. Your tree looks lovely. I love Yankee candles so much, they're worth the money as they smell lovely xx


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