Thursday, 26 April 2012

Boux Avenue Event

Bonjour! I hope you've all had a lovely Easter break! On Tuesday the 17th of March, I was kindly invited by Flurescent PR to come down to the press preview and opening of the new Boux Avenue store in Chapelfield, Norwich. With a day off, I jumped at the chance.

Boux Avenue was founded and opened by none other than Mr Theo Paphitis last April. Since then, the Norwich store has been the 10th Boux store to open in the UK. Boux caters for sizes from 30A through to 40H. It also has a huge range to covers every type of customer through to basics, seasonal and accessories.

It's a lovely, friendly atmospheric store. Check out the photo's below!
VERY photo heavy! 

First off, I was shown the fitting rooms. As soon as I stepped onto the carpet, I knew this was going to be an amazing store! Laura from Fluorescent PR showed me around. She said that they wanted to create a luxury hotel feel to the fitting rooms. Damn she was right! The first thing you notice is the big glass door knob. It makes it very classy and seductive. She then told me about the light settings. There is 3 depending on how you want to see your underwear. Day is the brightest setting. Dusk is slightly dimmed and then night which is darker. I was in total amazement! What fitting rooms do you know that has light settings?! That wasn't all either! As I work in H&M, if a customer wants a size or our attention, they will either poke their head out or walk towards us. At Boux Avenue you don't have to do either. You can use the intercom system which makes the phone ring and you can then grab the attention of a sales advisor. No need for total embarressment while parading around in sexy underwear! What a great invention!

Just a couple of shots. The top left shot is my favourite from the whole day. My camera decided to have a good day!

Rather than having all the stock out on display, they store the rest of the sizes in drawers. It's very handy in keeping the store and surrounding areas tidy.

Beautiful displays and Boux Avenues gift card

And of course, the opening! There was a huge crowd surrounding the press and me! I waited for my picture with the Dragon himself! He was lovely and quite short for a grown man! I felt quite tall!

The new store is located on the Upper Ground of Chapelfield. Downstairs is Ann Summers. I asked the Store Manager of Boux Avenue if there is any competition between the stores: 'No, I don't see that there is any competition. Our store covers a wide range of customer, we don't just stock sexy, seductive underwear.   Anyone can come in our store whether you're 16 or 46 that's how diverse we are.'

Overall, this is probably a store I would go in quite often. The staff are lovely, friendly and are willing to help you with anything. Boux Avenue also offer an incredible bra fitting service. You try on a few bras and if you like, you can buy. 

I was given a lovely goodie bag which when I opened, filled the whole room with the scent of flowers and freshness! It contained some scented petals, hand cream, lip balm, these knickers, a usb memory stick with press release and other information and a £20 gift card. It was all wrapped up beautifully and smelt AMAZING!

Below is some links (not afflilated) to show you some more professional coverage of the event.

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You can check out Boux Avenue here and they are having a half price sale! 
You can also follow Boux Avenue on Twitter.

Thank you to Laura from Fluorescent PR for inviting me.
What do you think of Boux Avenue? Will you be shopping there?