Friday, 30 November 2012

Onesie, Not For The Newborn?

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I had a few issues with Picasa Web Albums. When I tried to upload a picture (or few) it would tell me that I had exceeded my 1GB limit. Not cool as I then could only write. Thanks to Islay, I found a way around it and now use Photobucket. This takes me a little longer but hopefully it will work!

I will also have more time to write and schedule posts as my over time has been cut at work. More days off and more blog posts but less money. Not cool right before Christmas but I feel like I've neglected you. Not cool.

Anyway, last year many people were opening Christmas presents that were filled with a new craze. The onesie. Not something a grown up or adult would wear but one associated with babies. Ever since, the UK has gone onesie crazy. Even so with designers such as Prada are introducing them into their collections!
My sister was so excited to see that she had received a onesie last Christmas but I just couldn't see the hype. That was until I tried one on...I fell in love. My onesie is like my best friend and what's more, my boyfriend approves! 

They come in all shapes, sizes and colours including the more comical ones such as animals and superheros. 
Here are some of my favourite ones featured are from Next.

Onesie's are perfect to give at Christmas. You don't just have to lay about the house infront of the fire in it, you can sleep in it too. 
Animal Print All In One - £28

Mink and Pink Reindeer All In One - £34

Nightwear - Page 4
Black and White Zebra Stripe All In One - £28

Berry Duck Print All In One - £20

All ranging in price, these little winter warmers are perfect as the cold nights draw closer. 

Check out the Next website for more of their nightwear.

Do you own a onesie?