Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Benefit Cosmetics UK!

As you all know, I was invited to the Bloggers event at the new Benefit boutique in Debenhams, Norwich. This one is a worlds boutique  I have been SO excited to do this post so you all can see how I got on and what happened!

'Benefit Cosmetics is a manufacturer of cosmetics founded and headquartered in San Francisco, California.
Benefit Cosmetics was founded in 1976 by twins Jean and Jane Ford. Initially founded as a beauty boutique, the shop specialized in quick-fix products for beauty dilemmas. The Fords have since built Benefit Cosmetics into a global beauty brand now selling at over 2,000 counters in more than 30 countries. In addition to their product expansion they have also opened up "brow bars" worldwide. Benefit Cosmetics LLC is now a subsidiary of LVMH.
Benefit make up is unique compared to its competitors and draws in the customer due to its quirky packaging. Different products each have their own individual humorous design which makes the product stand out. The approach which Benefit have gone for is to appeal to the female market hypnotising its customers into such a “pretty and cute” design; the numerous range of fonts, images and colours break all rules of a consistent house style yet Benefit manage to pull this off incredibly well.'

We met in what will be the 'Masterclass' room and a gorgeous buffet sat before or eyes. We were told a little bit about what Benefit was about and how it came about along with the development of some of the world famous products. 


We were then given a tour of the new boutique. We started off in the Smooth Sally waxing room, one of 3 treatment rooms along with Fake Bake spray tanning and the Masterclass rooms. All 3 are beautifully decorated with floral and candy/cupcake inspired wallpaper and paint along with 50's photographs hanging on the walls. 

Smooth Sally

Bronze Betty


We then were given details on the Brow Bars and at the Debenhams boutique there are 2. These are fully equipped with products and beautiful mirrors. As I had to dash off (I came during my hour lunch break at work!), I couldn't get my brows tinted but I watched as Lara ( got hers done. For £18, the brow tint and wax is definitely worth it! The Fake Bake spray tan is £20! Such a good price considering it's Fake Bake from St Tropez! 
Here is the rest of my pictures!
Brow bars!

Biscuits from London!

Lara getting her brows tinted!

Once I get the rest of the pictures from the girls, I will do another post for you! 
Thank you to Jasmine (digital manager) and Natalie (area manager) for your hospitality and I LOVED every minute of the event! I definitely could of stayed!

To make this shorter, I will include a review and swatches of the products I received in another post!