Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A little bit of everything

Hi everyone!
Today's is a bit of mixture. This post will be a little haul and the next one will be on my bloggers event at Benefit! I was also going to do a 'What's in my Box' hoping to get my first Feel Unique Beauty Box in the post today but I still haven't received it. So that'll have to be another day when I eventually receive it. Some people have had theirs for like 3 or 4 days already! Not good for me being a first time subscriber...

ANYWAY! Onto my haul! This is over the past couple of days. You all know that when you've been paid, you spoil yourself so that's what I did. I had a few things to get and then just little extras that have either caught my eye for a while or just look good!

I've been to Boots, Superdrug and New Look over the past couple of days. 

The only thing I've got from Boots is something called Flo. It's exactly like a Travalo just a different brand. Basically, these little devices have been created so that we don't have to carry around our perfume bottle which can be very expensive and very fragile. So this was made to enable us to carry around our favourite perfume inside our handbag. I think it'd also be very good for men too! It's exactly the same price as a Travalo too and ever since I've seen these about YouTube, I've always wanted one. I was just spraying my scarf with Chanel and I saw these. It holds up to 50 sprays and you can either spray it in or pour it in. The bottom half unscrews so you can fill it up. It has a little stopper which stops your fragrance from flowing out! Of course, I got the pink one!

I also put a post on the More! Beauty Hot 100 Facebook group about my nails being in really bad condition. So they recommended me a few products and I went up and picked Sally Hansens Hard As Nails. It's basically a clear polish and you put 2 or 3 coats on and just let it do it's work. I have put it on as a base coat and a top coat over my very recent polish purchase! It was a bit pricey but as it's Sally Hansen and I need my nails to be in a lot better condition, I don't mind paying £4.75. I can honestly dip the brush in once and do my whole hand. Incredible. I haven't used it that long so I can't tell you whether it's worked but I'm hoping it'll make some improvement. Poor nails.

I go into Superdrug a HELL of a lot...I know my local store back to front. I have been wondering around my local Superdrug and Boots stores looking for this product so when I checked yesterday before work, I was SO happy when I found that there was 2 left! I had to have one! Of course it's the Barry M Red Glitter polish! I love this polish. It's so festive and perfect for this season but you can use it all year round. I felt it went better on with a base coat as I tried it on my sisters nail and it didn't seem to go on properly. It's just pure glitter and 2 coats should do the job. Finish with a clear polish or top coat on top to keep the glitter in place. I do love Barry M polishes, they don't chip and with my Sally Hansen Hard As Nails underneath, it should stay on forever!,5,shop,brands,a-to-z-brands,barrym

Another thing from Superdrug was the Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara. 'No lash can escape! Scandalous volume, no clumps!' I got to the tills and was about to pay then the sales assistant said 'can I interest you in this new Rimmel mascara for only £3.99. It's the latest one on the press.' For the latest mascara from a household brand to only be £3.99, I couldn't say no! I needed some mascara anyway. With only a few applications, it already gives me volume and thickness. The wand is MASSIVE! You seriously won't miss any lashes! The bottle is bright orange which is crazy but at least you know where it is in your make up bag! A definite buy. Only £3.99 instead of £6.99 in Superdrug so go and buy!,5,shop,brands,a-to-z-brands,rimmel

Finally, I needed a new bag and purse as my bag is WAY too small and the purse is my sisters. Poor girl! So I went into New Look as I'm getting bored of buying my bags and stuff from Primark. They do last long but I just prefer New Looks range. I can't actually find the bag online (strange) but it was £12.99 and had like £3 off for some reason (on the receipt it looked like it was only on offer for like a few weeks). I wanted to get a matching purse as I think that is such a lovely and classic look so I picked up this one for £7.99 which is perfect. I get quite picky with my bags and purses as I have to use them everyday so I need something that can fit all my cards and have a big enough part for the change. Both very spacious, had incredible detailing and the purse was actually handmade which is always good to know. The bag as a little zip inside where I keep my bus timetable, paracetamol/ibuprofen, plasters, mirror and stuff like that. The clasp is something I haven't used before but it's very safe and looks very authentic on the bag and goes well with the design. The only downside with the purse is that if you have too much change (like I have, damn you buses!) then it doesn't shut properly and you're increasing the chances of breaking it. The bag is can be irritating if it's nearly empty, the clasp can be hard to close with one hand...but who cares!

I can't seem to rotate these last few...

Sorry that I couldn't rotate them, for some reason I can't seem to. Pick up on that Blogger! The last things are important to have in your wardrobe! SOCKS! You can never have too many pairs and I love the designs in New Look and Topshop. You can either buy them single or in packs of 3 for £4. I picked up these 3 designs. (I can't find the rest)

Benefit post coming up next! Have a lovely Wednesday!
I hope you enjoy! xoxo