Saturday, 24 December 2011


Hello pudpuds!

I hope you're all enjoying Christmas eve! I am! We've got all the pretty lights on and Christmas songs courtesy of Dad's iPod! I just wanted to do an update post for you all before Christmas. I probably won't blog tomorrow as I'm going to be at mine and at Matthews house (he lives in the same village, 10 minute walk). He has come to mine before so this year we're doing a bit of both. I may blog, depends! I'll try and blog before work on Boxing Day too!

Today, we've been tidying and wrapping those few last presents. I've wrapped all mine a long while ago so I'm all prepared. I just hoovered downstairs and my room and emptied the dishwasher. We then went to a garden centre called Notcutts which usually has lovely Christmas displays but it was a bit shoddy this year. It seems to go down and down every year which is a shame. I got a little Santa which sits in the end of a ledge or a shelf. Everything in the Christmas department was half price so he was £3.99 rather than £7.99! Bargain!

We then went to Tesco to get a few bits and pieces and I picked up this cardigan! It's SO comfy and warm, not itchy as it's made of acrylic and nylon. Yummy autumnal colours and at £18, you can't go wrong! It comes in 2 colours, black and grey. Love it!

Anyway, here's a collection of photos from the past couple of days! 

Mum's Mini-tramisu cakes

Norfolk Network Christmas party


Dress from H&M

Shoes from New Look!


Mr T's!

Groovy reindeer!

Santa Harlow

Crappy Christmas lights!

Glitterberry J20! Amazing!

Dad, Molly and Mum!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and enjoy your lunches tomorrow!! I hope you get everything you want and relax!

Merry Christmas :) xoxo