Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Birthday celebrations!

Hello all!
Sorry I've been so distant, I've been so busy as you will soon see!

Friday was my 19th birthday and we had my cousin Carla, my Aunty Anna, Nana and the dog arrive (all mum's side)! They arrived at about 5ish and my Aunty started to make a lovely pasta with salmon. Matthew came over and we all had champagne, wine, cider and everything inbetween. No, I didn't get drunk. If you know me already, you would know that I'm not too keen on getting drunk or whatever. I'm more of a social drinker. I hate the feeling alcohol gives me, makes me feel sick. Nasty!

Saturday was my Nana's 87th birthday. We went to Scratby beach. We had been when they came up a number of years ago so it was nice to go to the same spot again. It was fairly windy but I had like 5 layers on so I was ok! Carla did use my ear muffs and gloves!
We then came back home and went to a Toby Carvery in Gorleston, Lowestoft. I was a fat pig, had all 4 meats and piled my plate up high. At £5.95 for the carvery, YOU FILL IT UP! It was lovely to have all the family round the table just chatting and laughing away. I love my family!

Sunday was my sister, Molly's 15th birthday. The family left at around 1ish and we later went to Tesco. Nothing really amazing happened as we were all so shattered from having 3 crazy weekends full of Christmas, New Year and Birthdays one after the other. We chilled and had some weird fish dish that my Aunty Anna recommended my mum. It was so yummy even Matthew had a little bit of salad! WILD AT HEART was back on telly! We love that. I adore animals so much and the programme is just amazing. A definate watch.

I would do a 'What I Got' for my birthday but I got mostly money apart from the odd pjyama set, DVD and jewellery. Not really much of a post but if you want to see it, comment below or tweet me @sianlacey.

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Here's some pictures from the weekend (photos aren't in order, blogger uploads in a funny way)!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, sorry about all the pictures!
More blog posts coming, any recommendations?