Thursday, 12 January 2012


Hello all!

This haul isn't just from one trip, it's from a few trips! I will also do a 'What I Got' for my Birthday post too but that will be very short! The white background is actually the other side of wrapping paper! ;)

Here we go!

I got a cardigan from New Look for Christmas and I wasn't really too keen on it. So I returned it and got a credit note which is worth £29.99. I have been looking around and nothing really took my fancy until I randomly saw this! It was the last size in this colour, a size 8! I love it. I have to wear a black strappy top underneath, especially for work. I didn't pay £11, I paid £16.99 for it...I love it and I don't actually own anything this colour and I think it really suits me.

Next is from H&M. I can't find these online but I'm sure you can get them in your local store. Both are £3 reduced from£12.99. I've been eyeing this top for a while but in black. I thought that I should get more colours so I got the orange. It is quite sheer so I have to wear a strappy top underneath, especially for work.On the shoulders and the top half of the back is a slightly different material which is different. Love it.

On Tuesday, I was marking these pjyama bottoms to £3 so I thought I'd snap up a pair. I also picked up a black pair for Matthews sister Sammy as it was her 20th birthday yesterday. These are so comfy and what's good is that they have drawer string at the bottom so you can tie them up. I have so many pairs of pjyama bottoms, you can never have too many pairs!

Beauty and skin care now. I got a free sample sent from Boots in a sachet and it lasted me about 3 uses. I wasn't so sure about it but as it sunk into my skin, it wasn't so dark. I have the shade light and it's slightly too dark but nothing too drastic. It's a very thick consistency which is a little weird. I wouldn't call it a BB cream, more of a tinted moisturiser. It also photographs very well. The bottle is quite big too compared to most foundation bottles I have. I do like it but at the moment I'm still using my Collection 2000 foundation.

I've heard a lot about Soap and Glory, especially their Hand Food hand cream so I thought I'd give it a try. I got the mini which is only about £2 something. I love it. It smells amazing and isn't too greasy. I also LOVE Sanctuary Spa products and I also bought the hand cream from there too. This is a lovely consistency and smells amazing too. Both around £2, links under the pictures :) and   

left swatch is Sanctuary, right swatch is hand food

I never really buy hair products, I forget. I've been eyeing up the VO5 treatment for a while but at £4.99, I wasn't so sure. It wasn't until both of these products were on sale that I bought them. I was going to alternate on using them but I wanted to try them out. They make my hair SO BLOODY SOFT! It's just amazing. The Herbal Essences is a Split Ends cream. My hair is so bad when it comes to split ends. It smells like your typical Herbal Essences smell. Gorgeous. You can use both on damp or dry hair to control frizz.  and

A few random purchases. First is this hot chocolate set from Tesco. It was half price and you get a instant powder, 2 chocolate squares, a mug and a mini whisk! For only £2.50, you can't go wrong!

We did Secret Santa at work and the person who got me bought me this mug from Ann Summers. I loved it but somebody put it in the dishwasher and it went all funny and the picture peeled. So I decided to buy a new one. I'm sure you know what it does ;)

I LOVE Chai Latte so I stocked up. You can buy this from Tesco and Sainsburys for about £2.03. This is the Spiced one and they also do a Vanilla one but for some reason, that's slightly more expensive...

Final purchase is a Starbucks thermos. I've been looking around for a thermos for a while but they're all so expensive. I found this for only £4.95! So cheap considering it's from Starbucks. It keeps your drink hot for such a long time. It has a lid so you can tip it upside down and nothing will come out. Really good. I can't find it online but I'm sure it'll be in your local Starbucks store. Also, if you bring in your own thermos to Starbucks, you get 25p off your drink. Not bad!

That's all for the Haul. Next up is what I got for my birthday.
I hope you've had a lovely day and enjoy your evening!