Friday, 13 January 2012

What I got for my 19th birthday!

Hello again!

Below is a few things of what I got for my birthday. I won't link as I'll know how much things are...I didn't get a lot as I got mostly money. Below are pictures of what I got! :)

This necklace and earrings set I got is from Matthew's older sister Sammy. Gorgeous pearl necklace with a gold chain and the word 'Love' at the bottom. The earrings are pretty similar. From New Look.

These earrings are from one of Matthews friends at college called Lisa (she has a YouTube channel, check her out These are from Accessorize. I've worn them pretty much everyday since I got them. I love them!

This necklace is from Matthew. It's a gorgeous sterling sliver necklace which says 'Never Give Up On Your Dreams' with a little star. I love this soooo much!!

I got this little 4 picture photo frame from Molly. This is a gorgeous mini set although one is a bit loose. I just need some pictures now!

Finally, this pjyama set is from Matthews parents. I LOVE these although for a size 8-10, the bottoms are a bit big so mum is going to alter them. Primark sizing is very odd. They are SO soft and cosy. His mum has a similar set but a Mad Cow one and she said that they can be quite warm to wear in bed. Very Christmassy but you can still wear them after the season.

I also got the last Harry Potter film on DVD too! I got part 1 from them for Christmas so I finally have all the  films! So happy!

I hope you enjoyed this post!