Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Hi lovelies! 
I did go shopping with my sister on Saturday but I didn't do a haul for you. I've been out shopping today and thought I would show you what I got :)
Excuse me if some stuff is creased, I have already worn a few of these items. I will also try and find links to where I bought them too and what price they are. Sale prices included too!

I went into Hollister and bought these in the sale. They're amazing and sooo soft! I love pjyama bottoms or trackies from Hollister, although I tend to buy them when they're on sale. These were £22.40 reduced from £32. Not bad!

excuse the nasty feet

£22.40, normally £32

The next thing was from House of Fraser. I know they have quite a wide range of Yankee Candles up on the third floor so I went up there and I found these. I have been looking for some new scents after the Christmas season and these are lovely. I can't actually find these on the HoF website but I'm sure where ever you go they will be discounted. 

£7.48, normally £14.96

I HAD to get these. I'm running low on Aussie at the moment so I thought that while these are on sale, I'd get some more. These are the bigger bottles, so they should last longer. I can't describe the feeling they give my hair. It's amazing. I don't know why I haven't used Aussie before! Beautiful!

£4.99 each, normally £5.99

Another thing, I LOVE Sanctuary Spa products. My cousin and I went to the spa in Covent Garden at the beginning of September. It was just amazing so when I found out that Boots stocked a few of the range, I was there! They have an offer on at the moment that if you spend £8 or more on Sanctuary products, you get a free one. I chose this. I didn't get it from online, but the Boots website is currently under maintenance until Friday. I have yet to try it but it looks amazing! Worth £10.25 and I got it for free! Amazing!


Fashion now! Of course, I took advantage of my discount at H&M. So I got a few things. This top is festive but not so much so that you can't wear it during the year. It's very soft and it's bat winged. I've got a size XS which is similar to a size 6/8 although it's quite big on me. 


Another is this gorgeous top. I've been eyeing this up for a while and I don't quite know why I haven't bought it before now. I can't actually find it online but I'm sure it's on there somewhere. I love how it sits on me. I wore it on New Years Eve (pictures below or here) and as it's very sheer, I bought a strappy white tank top to go underneath it. That way I can wear it out or to work! Versatile! 


I also bought this top from Select. I can't find it on the website but I did buy it for NYE but things didn't go to plan so I wore the one from H&M. It's a lovely faux satin with what I can only describe as 'pins' on. Lovely deep blood red top. Love it.
£7, normally £14

I went into HMV to have a look at the sales. I picked up Johnny English and Ice Age 3 for £3 each. The website says a different price to what I paid and what's on the sticker on the back of the boxes but oh well. I love these films and I want to get the second Johnny English film on DVD! It's amazing!

I lost my Lush virginity too! Finally! I'm not sure if these products will be on the website or in store as they were on sale but I'm still looking. If they're linked, then you know that they're still online. I picked up 2 Lil Lush Puds and a 3 Gold Rings. I've tried them both and the Gold Rings makes your bath go all yellow and the Lush Pud adds a hint of brown in it. Both smell gorgeous but I think I'll go for a nicer looking colour next time!

 Also, just a few more random things. I bought More! Magazine as always! LOVE it. 

Matthew wanted me to take a picture of his new top from Hollister. I can't find this online but it was £20. What is he turning into?!?

This weekend, our family has 3 birthdays. Mine on Friday, my nanas on Saturday and Mollys on Sunday. So to celebrate, we're having my aunty, cousin and nana up for the weekend. As my cousin, Carla is the same age as me, she stays in my room. So this was the process I went through to get it tidy. I pretty much gutted it and got rid of the 2 drawers that have broken in my main chest of drawers. Yes, that is my 'bed.' Last NYE my dads mum came to stay up and she had to use my bed, I never swapped them. Having a flat bed means I can't keep any crap underneath! It looks SO much better now!

I'm sorry for the really looooong post. It's been so long since I've done a really lengthy post but I hope this isn't too bad. I won't blog much if at all tomorrow as I'm tidying the house ready for the family. Mum and Dad are working so it's left to me to tidy tidy tidy! I shall put on my iPod and stay in my pjyamas and tidy! FUN!

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