Monday, 20 February 2012

Cutey review

Hello! Sorry I've been so distant, I've been ever so busy! You can read about my busy week here. Anyway, onto a review for an up and coming company, Cutey!

At the moment, Cutey only stock charm bracelets but they are looking to expand their range into necklaces and single charms, so watch this space! They offer a very wide range of beautiful charm bracelets in many different colours and styles. Their aim is to provide beautiful pieces at affordable prices. When I received mine through the post, that statement was VERY true!
For more information on Cutey, you can check out their site here.

The bracelet I received is this one. It's a beautiful bracelet and has many different colours of blue in. It's inspired by the sea and uses the blue tones to reflect the sea. I also LOVE the turtle and star fishes too! A perfect touch. Below are some pictures I've taken.

Pontus Charm bracelet - £12.99

Here you can see the turtle and one of the star fishes. 

The blues are so vivid and gorgeous colours. It goes with pretty much any outfit which is a plus! I just love it. The only thing I could say bad is that one of the metal bits holding the balls on did de-attach itself. It was a simple job to fix with some super glue (that cost me £3.15 and I got ID'd!) but it did happen after the first day of wearing it. It was a shame but it's fixed now, as you can see. 

Below is a few of the bracelets they stock!
Hemera - £12.99
Hypnos - £12.99
Oneiroi - £12.99
Philotes - £12.99

As you can see, Cutey offer a wide range to suit every taste. They are a fantastic company and are very affordable. They also include FREE delivery on all products!

Here are some links!

Cutey was very kind enough to send me a bracelet that we had discussed and decided. All the above is my honest opinion and I was not paid to say anything good. 

What do you think of the bracelets?