Wednesday, 22 February 2012

TAG: No Make Up

Now I have a few days that aren't as hectic at work, I can get a few posts written and scheduled so here is one of them.
I'm not sure if this is a tag already but if not, I am going to create one! I thought of this last night once I had taken all of my make up off. As much as we think that make up is a natural thing, nothing is more natural than no make up whatsoever. Make up is there purely to enhance our natural features such as long lashes, cheek bones etc. So I decided to take a few photos of me without any make up on (apart from mascara). I have no foundation, concealer, nothing on. I have also not edited or re touched this photos. 

As you can see, I suffer from break outs mostly around my chin area. I have the odd ones that pop up on my cheeks and a couple on my forehead and neck! I also have red cheeks and chin which isn't very good. I'm looking for a green concealer to use to correct the redness but none seem to soak into my skin nicely. Luckily, the amazing Collection 2000 concealer covers my blemishes quite nicely. 
Also, some bits of hair around my ears look greasy, it's just the face products I used while taking my make up off!

I shall tag 10 people to do this! 

RULES: Post a few pictures of you with NO make up on and NOT edited and talk about it. Don't be scared! Then tag 10 people and let them know!

Have fun!