Friday, 30 March 2012

REVIEW: Batiste

So dry shampoo is a must have for every woman. I have discovered Batiste a while ago and thought I'd do a review on it. 

I was recently sent the Gold Shimmer dry shampoo from More! magazine as being part of their Beauty Hot 100 panel. We were all sent a different one so we could then have a week to test them out and fill out a survey on it. As I've used Batiste before, I know how it works. I sprayed the Gold Shimmer dry shampoo over my hair and out popped LOADS of glitter! It literally went everywhere! All over my clothes, hair (of course), sofa, skin and the DSLR camera! I will never use this for during the day as it's just too heavy and crazy. If you want to go out to a club or a party then this would be perfect to spray on your hair. It'd give you that extra sparkle to your skin and hair. I don't really need to use this on my skin as I use the Topshop highlighter and that catches the sun perfectly. I will very rarely use this certain product however I am a fan of the other products.

I have used Diva, Tropical and Blush and I have been very happy with these. All smell lovely and do the job. I'm not too keen on how white the product comes out on the hair after you've sprayed it but that's probably me not shaking it enough!

Another plus side is that they do a wide range of different sizes, perfect for travelling and longer uses. 

(pictures are from Google)

What do you think of Batiste? Do you use a different brand of dry shampoo?