Thursday, 29 March 2012

H&M Wish List!

So, while I work at H&M I have gathered up a little list of things I have been lusting over for some time! I need some new summer clothes so hopefully when I get paid next, I shall treat myself! I don't do many fashion posts so I thought I'd start with wish lists. Here is H&M.
Denim shorts - £14.99
Dress - £12.99
Culottes - £7  
Shorts - £12.99
Bikini top - £9.99
Blouse - £2.99 (usually £12.99, 1 blouse per customer)

These are just a few things! It's horrible having to stare at these items all day!

Will you be buying anything from H&M? Remember, shop online is going to become available in the US this autumn so stay tuned for that!