Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Revlon Lip Butters

Hello beauties!

So you may have recently heard that finally the Lip Butters from the well known brand Revlon, have been released in the UK! After being hyped about in the US by popular bloggers and YouTube babes, us Brits got so excited for them to arrive in the UK. On the day of the 19th of March, they were due to be open to the UK public so I was more than excited to see them! I popped into my local Superdrug and Boots stores in Norwich and found that neither had them in stock, or even had them anywhere in store! 

Finally, I went into Boots yesterday to see if they were available and YES THEY WERE!! So happy! I swatched pretty much every colour and picked up Berry Smoothie.

It's a lovely formula that is not just a lip 'butter.' It's a mixture of being a lip gloss and a balm. It gives beautiful coverage and the colour stays on for most of the day. It isn't particually that sticky and I hate sticky lip products. They come in 14 amazing shades from the nudes to the deeper reds/plums. I will definitely have to go back and get some more!

You can buy these well waited for products from Boots £7.99 and soon Superdrug fro probably around the same price. You can also visit the Revlon website for more information and swatches.

What do you think of the Lip Butters? Are you going to buy one?