Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Team GB Parade

I've always loved sport, ever since I was 5 I started my love for gymnastics. It then grew to trampolining, tennis, athletics and everything else inbetween. So when I found out that the Olympics was coming to London, I was quite excited.
Luckily I had picked the week that the Team GB were holding their parade through the streets of London. I dragged my poor cousin along with me to get a glimpse of our greatest team. And what a team! What an atmosphere! Wearing my Team GB tshirt, we watched in Trafaglar Square as the parade drew closer.
Once they got close, we moved closer to the road and perched on a concrete pillar. As the parade went past, Carla held me up while I took numerous pictures and videos (check out La Belle Vie official on Facebook for all of the pictures). Here are a few below.

Did you support our greatest team? On the streets or on the sofa?
Bring on Rio!