Thursday, 30 October 2014


With being only just a few steps away from living in my own place with my boyfriend, my hunger to buy all things home wear is probably getting a little out of hand (to say the least)! My daily Tesco trips during lunch break consists of a dash straight to the home section to grab the latest bargains and then detour via the seasonal isle to check out the reduced items before heading to the tills to pay for my treasured goods. The same goes for other superstores that sell home wear such as Asda and Sainsburys. It goes to say that once I get into my own place, it’s going to be a special one.
Where I currently work, we hold our email marketing software with an international growing company called dotmailer. With head offices all over the world including New York, they are bound to be dealing with major companies. I received an email from dotmailer themselves with a couple of interesting articles regarding email marketing and one really caught my eye. It was about a case study with an up and coming company called Lights4fun. Lights4fun are a company that started off selling Christmas lights and decorations. Now they have expanded their horizons and sell lights, decorations and accessories no matter what time of year it is! I fell in love with the photography and massive array of products they have on offer (and the prices are very purse friendly).
Of course, I had to have some LED candles, garlands and bunting for Halloween. There’s me thinking about 12 months into the future when our new place is bare for Halloween so of course, I had to put a couple of items in there! 
I chose the Black Glossy Garland with Purple Bats -
Black Glossy garland with purple hanging Bats - Lights4fun

4 Black and Orange LED Battery Tea Light Candles -
Black and Orange LED tealights - Lights4fun
Purple skeleton fairy lights - Sainsburys
Heart LED fair lights - The Range

White Halloween Bunting with Ghosts -

A small collection but it’s a start.
Black & Orange tea lights - Lights4fun
Purple skeleton fairy lights - Sainsburys
Cobweb and spiders - ASDA
Colour changing LED tea lights - Lights4fun

Colour changing LED tea lights - Lights4fun
Skeleton candle holder - ASDA
More recently, I entered a competition to win a Chattering Reaper from Lights4fun and you'll never guess what?! I went and bloody won him!!

The Lights4fun team are family run and have THE best customer service you could ever ask for. They really believe in the customer and go the extra mile to ensure that you're happy with not just their products but their service as well. Top notch company from me.

You can visit their website by clicking
Photos from the 31st of October will be up shortly.