Thursday, 24 November 2011

Nail polish galore!

Just a few nail polishes I want you to know about for different reasons! All I've purchased within the last month! A first for me. My polish collection is starting to grow...

I bought Glamour Magazine last Friday as there was no More! Magazine and there was a free gift. It was a nail polish from Nails Inc. You can choose from 4 colours. I had to move a few magazines out of the way before I found the colour I preferred. Now I've heard of this brand before but never bought any of their polishes as I hear they're quite expensive (£11)! Considering I paid £2 for the magazine and got the polish for free, I was pretty much stealing it! Go and get Glamour Magazine this month!

left hand

right hand

Applied on Sunday and still going strong!

Very pretty packaging :)

I applied it on Sunday afternoon and it's now Wednesday. The only chipping I have is where I pick my skin underneath my nails (such a bad bad habit!) and nothing else. Considering I work with hangers and stuff, I was expecting it to chip on Monday at work but no! I wouldn't pay £11 for it but it's definitely the best nail polish I have ever tried!

Another is No7. I bought this from Boots. I had spent like £3 on a meal deal and got a free No7 £5 voucher. I thought I'd check out the polishes. The full price for the polishes is £7 so again, getting it for £2 is a steal! 

It looks yellowish, blame my iPod and poor lighting!

So Simple 170

Stay Perfect

Finally is my first Models Own purchase. I saw this colour and thought that it was perfect. I tend to buy polish colours that I will wear again and go with most if not all outfits. Nudes, pinks, reds, purples, navys and glitters.  This colour is so vibrant and only took 2 coats to bring out its full potential. I am still wanting Pink Fizz!! 

With my other purchase, Barry M Crackle Nail Effects in Black