Wednesday, 14 March 2012

London Haul!

Here is my 2nd post out of 3 from my London trip! This one is my haul. I didn't buy a lot but I thought I would show you anyway!

All items will have links (if I can find them online!) and I did buy all of these with my own money!

Eric Snook

I love the tube, I have no idea why I just find it all fascinating. When I saw this in a toy/joke shop in Covent Garden called Eric Snook. This mug was £4.99. Bargain! 

Playsuit from Forever 21
We then headed to Oxford Street and of course it would've been rude not to pop into Forever 21. Seeing as there is only 3 stores in the UK, I couldn't say no. I was looking for something to wear for the Conran event later that evening and picked this playsuit up. I looked at the price and it read £11.50. I couldn't believe it! I love it. You can glam it up or dress it down, it's perfect. The back has 2 holes cut out to make it stand out. I can't find it online but it's definitely in store.

Jumper from River Island

I then popped into River Island. In my local one in Norwich I have seen this jumper and always wished I had it. At £30 it's not cheap. I bought it in Oxford Street but wasn't so sure. In the end I didn't like the material and at £30, I could buy something better off so I took it back. The material can very easily snag so I didn't want to spend £30 on it. I thought I'd show you anyway!
I did also buy some earrings which were £1.50 but I will show them to you in an OOTN. 

Topshop bundle

I then went into Topshop, amazing as it is both my cousin and I got lost plenty of times! I needed some tights to go with my playsuit so I picked up some 80 den for £6. I usually buy my tights from Primark and you can definitely tell the difference. These ones are so soft although they did have a small hole in after just 1 use which sucked. I needed a new make up bag that could fit into my bag. My Ted Baker one is too big and really could do with a wash so I picked up this one. I can't find it online but it's available in stores for £8. 

Highlighter in Sunbeam from Topshop

As you may know, I love my YouTube beauty/fashion guru's. While reading Ghostparties blog, I clicked on the link to her YouTube and found a Favourites video mentioning the Topshop highlighter. As you can see from the swatch, it is very pigmented but can be blended VERY easily. I LOVE the Topshop make up packaging, it stands out from the rest of your make up. It definitely bounces off of the light perfectly to give you a lovely glow. At £9-£10, it will definitely last a long time!

Skater dress from Topshop

Before I went to London, I was trying to piece together outfits for the Conran event. I love the style of the ever popular skater dress and I picked this one from Topshop. Usually being £20, they have a campaign on at the moment where you can save £5 and it is currently £15. A bargain for Topshop! You can dress this down with an oversized cardigan or dress it up with a blazer. Very verstile.

I didn't spend too much considering I took back the jumper. Overall I am quite good with my money. I tend not to go under a certain limit in my bank account which then limits me. At least I know that I have money if I ever need it.

Random question, do you prefer the text to be centered or to the left?

What do you think of the purchases? Anything catch your eye?