Tuesday, 10 July 2012

H&M Haul

So there have been a few items in H&M that I have been wanting to get for a while but put it off. Once I had got paid, I decided to treat myself. I bought a few things...ooops! I had the idea that I would bring back the things I wasn't so sure on which turned out to be nothing!

picture taken from Instagram @sianlacey
Black skirt £12.99
Pink aztec top £9.99
Leopard print shirt £14.99
Polka dot pyjama bottoms £12.99
High tops £14.99
= £85.94
-£21.49 (employee discount)

That final price isn't bad for what I got. I am very happy with the purchases and they will definitely get their wear as I love all of my clothes!

Here's an OOTD featuring the leopard print shirt.

I also went into Republic, I brand that I never shop in. I saw these jogging bottoms for half price. They are a size 6 and looked too small so I tried them on. Perfect fit!

Soul Cal joggers WAS £30 NOW £15, Republic

Here's an OOTD featuring the jogging bottoms, the high tops and a tiny bit of the pink aztec top.

I LOVE my comfy clothes. Comfy clothes can be anything from actual pyjamas to jogging bottoms, baggy tshirts and hoodies. When I'm not at work and I'm just relaxing at home or at my boyfriends house, I am constantly in my comfy clothes and got my hair up. Bliss.

See anything you like? Most of the H&M stuff will be available in your local store as I can only find the playsuits online.