Thursday, 16 August 2012

Burgundy Mania

This autumn/fall sees the colours of reds, burgundys and creams making a return. I love burgundy, especially on blonde hair.
I was in the fitting room and a girl had tried this jumper on. I instantly fell in love so I bought it!

I wore this outfit while out shopping with the sister. While my boyfriend is having fun with his family on holiday, I decided to spend some much needed time with my sister. You can see this post for a joint haul and some extra pictures! (coming soon)

 (pictures have not been edited)

It's from H&M (of course) and costs £12.99. It has a zip that runs down about 1/4 of the back which adds a cool twist. I love it. I teamed this with my Peacock heeled boots which were in the sale £24.99 to £12. I will also wear this with my new Converse.
It's super comfy but as you can see from the close up that you have to be careful. The stitching can be very easily caught but once you wash it, it will go back to normal.
I had to get a size 6 as the size 8 would've been way too baggy for my liking. 

Of course I teamed it with my trusty H&M jeggings which have done me so well up until I got changed after taking these pictures. I found a small hole just above the knee! End of my world until today...I bought some more!! Happy Sian :)

They come in a range of colours. See your local H&M store!

What would you wear this top with?