Sunday, 6 January 2013

Shopping The Sales

If you have read my blog for a while, you will already know how big my love for bargains is. Well since the January sales have already sprung upon us, I decided to take a look. Since working in retail, I know how crazy some sale shoppers can be and it puts me off. When I was younger (13, 14) and Christmas/Birthday money was the only money I received, the January sales were the best time for me. Both my sister and I have our Birthdays in early January (I'm the 6th and she's the 8th but there's 2 years between us) so we tend to go out together. Not this year. For the past few years I just have been majorly put off by how busy Norwich gets. I'd much prefer to wait a few weeks or sit in the comfort of my own home, cup of tea in one hand, debit card in the other and surf the sales via my trusty laptop. 

A few of the items below were bought either in late November, early December. The rest have been purchased within the January sales.

Blazer - WAS £24.99 NOW £15 H&M

Dress - WAS £19.99 NOW £10 H&M

Dress - WAS £16.99 NOW £10 New Look
I wore this for New Years Eve, you can see the OOTN here.

St Tropez Gradual Face and Body Moisturiser - WAS £20 NOW £10 Boots

Shoes - WAS £12 NOW £6 Primark


Wash bag - (can't remember how much it used to be) NOW £10 Cath Kidston

Purse - WAS £25 NOW £20 Cath Kidston

Soap and Glory Body Wash - £6.50 Boots

Of course, I am forever buying sale and bargain items and shall be updating you all the time!

What have you been buying in the January sales?

Oh and I'm 20 years old today!! :)