Monday, 12 August 2013

High End Beauty Wish List


I know I keep apologising for not posting anything, it seems like an eternity that I ever wrote anything! I won't go into too much detail but since Center Parcs is looming (less than a month away), I have been saving more and shopping less. Also, it helps that my job is so far away from any shops so no impulse buying for me! I haven't done a huge beauty or fashion splurge in a long time, only tiny bits here and there.

Anyway, I went to London at the weekend to celebrate my cousins 20th birthday (check out Instagram for pictures - @SianLacey) and while on the train back, I was sat opposite a beautiful girl (about 21?). I loved what she was wearing, her hair, skin, the lot! She pulled out her Mulberry make up bag and freshened herself up. I tried my best to be subtle but I couldn't resist and had a peek. It inspired me to buy more high end make up (I have only bought 1 MAC lipstick - crazy I know) and now that I have a full time job, I can afford high end make up. After saving up for so long, I decided to conjure up a wish list of products I would like on my face, I so desperately wanted to look like her.